Choosing the right payment gateway for your business

The internet has been widely accepted as the number one source of merchandise by customers. As a merchant, therefore, you have no choice but to find a reliable way to get your products online. To a merchant, online retailing increases sales by exposing the business to a new customer base, while to the client, shopping online eliminates the hassle of physically visiting a store.

However, the success of eCommerce has been marred by overwhelming cases of card-not-present fraud. Consequently, it is up to the merchant to employ payment processing practices that give the much-needed protection from malicious buyers. While not full-proof, a payment gateway is the best chance an online seller has to process credit card payments securely.


Types of Payment Gateways

Payment gateways provide a link between websites and card services to allow customers to make direct payments and complete transactions instantly. Although the services a gateway will offer your business vary with your merchant account provider of choice, it will likely fall under the following two categories:


  • Hosted Payment.



If when making payment a buyer is redirected to the gateway page where they can complete the process, then yours is a hosted payment gateway. PayPal is an example of a hosted gateway provider. The best part about this gateway is that it doesn’t require you to accept or store any personal card details on your website. Instead, the gateway’s site handles the security risk.



  • Shared Payment



A shared payment gateway enables the customer to finalize the purchase while still on a merchant’s site. Rather than redirecting to another website for payment, clicking the “buy” link or button reveals a post form, which the buyer fills with all the required details. A good example of a provider that offers this type of gateway is eMerchantBroker.


This type of gateway lays the entire security risk on the merchant but makes the transaction process a lot faster. Moreover, customers do not always like to be redirected to other pages while shopping.


Picking what is right for you

Choosing between hosted and shared types should be based on your business. New or small-time sellers prefer hosted gateways, but an established merchant is likely to benefit more from a shared gateway.

Besides type, other things to consider when choosing a payment gateway include:



  • Transaction fees


Gateway providers will charge a small amount for the use of their website or app to process your payment; either as a fixed fee per transaction, a set percentage of each purchase or a mix of both.



  • Recurring billing


A good gateway should extend to the merchant the ability to process monthly subscription payments from the customer automatically.



  • Fraud prevention


In addition to payment processing, a gateway can come bundled with fraud mitigating solutions and chargeback detection services which prevent losses from suspicious purchases.


Signing up for the right payment gateway requires sufficient understanding of your business niche and the operations of available payment service providers.


A Framework for Forward and Future Market in Bangladesh

Introduction about Derivative Market:

Derivatives are an Instruments or Items that have no value by itself but derives its value from underlying assets. The underlining assets could be a stock, bonds, goods, rate of interest, forex rates or stock or any other market indices, rain fall, temperature etc. Derivatives are leveraged products. Derivatives could be traded under Forward Contract, future contract and Options.

In Bangladesh there’s no Future and Forward Market yet. But there’s enormous chance for Future and Forward Market. You will find really three kinds of investors exist later on and Forward Market. Speculators, take position to achieve in the expected fluctuation within the cost of future contracts with time. Hedgers, take position to lower their possibility of movements of great interest rate or stock cost later on. And Arbitragers, who makes make money from temporary cost fluctuations. Future and Forward Marketplace is a structured marketplace where financial futures contracts are traded. These market places obvious, settle and guarantee all transactions that occur on their own exchanges.

2. Prospects and Benefits of Future and Forward Market in Bangladesh from various Stakeholders View Points:

2.1 In the Authoritys (SEC) Perspective:

As you may know in Bangladesh SEC (Security Exchange Commission) may be the authority to which the next and Forward Market will establish and brought care off. According to SECs view point they stated that today the entire focus of person investors, institutions and corporations take presctiption Stock Market. This place a limitation for various investors to select investment options. If there’s any Future and Forward Market beside Stock Market it may offer an choice for the investors to escape incurring losses. Our economy is definitely an emerging economy but still growing. Because the economy will grow the soon you will see Future and Forward Market.

2.2 In the Investors perspective:

As it’s been stated earlier that, the investors are prepared to convey more choices for their investment. Future and Forward Market could possibly be the solution on their behalf. Different factors in regards to this matter discussed bellow,

Like every one (investor) who invested in stock market as well as an index market of securities. Its an Hedging according to index. So, the investor may incur reduction in share market but he is able to grow in the hedging for your product market.

Countries that have unstable economical condition like Bangladesh Forward and Future contract could be helpful. Due to unstable economy cost fluctuation is typical within our country. Future and Forward Market can help to eliminate problems arise because of unpredictable cost condition.

Future and Forward Marketplace is a spot for all type of investors. Individuals, who wish to take risk (Speculators), who wish to avoid risks (Hedgers) and who wish to utilize temporary cost fluctuations (Arbitragers).

2.3 In the Macro Economical Perspective for Bangladesh:

Mostly investments derive from the Stock Market these types of this it be a very sensitive sector. Fall which can make economical disaster. And that’s why there must be parallel market which will also help the economy to obtain heal when there any economical catastrophe especially due to Stock Exchange.

To be able to permit the economy to develop it is important to disseminate different branches to produce new investment possibilities. Stock markets along with other derivatives market associated with a country is just one of indicator which informs the effectiveness of that countrys economy. Additionally, it preferred for Bangladesh. Because the economy goes beside stock market the nation may also searching for other investment possibilities. This can leads the idea of creating the next and Forward Market in Bangladesh.

3. The Drawbacks to determine Future and Forward Market in Bangladesh:

Beginning something the very first time is definitely required to face and overcome some obstacles. To be able to set up a Future and Forward Market in Bangladesh we want some logistic supports.

First of all, we want plenty of experts who can design and control the marketplace. We all know this can be a very new idea for many of the people in our country. Because there’s no such market in Bangladesh these types of this there’s a couple of figures of pros and knowledge of here. Lesser quantity of graduates we’re getting in regards to this subject from your universities and institutions who are able to work with this sort of project. Lesser quantity of researchers we’re getting within our country. To be able to set up a Future and Forward Market we have to hire professionals and expert individuals from the overseas countries and that is costly.

Next, within our country investors aren’t much educated who are able to understand Future and Forward Market scenarios and activities. It will require time for you to get educated or comprehend the market. At the moment someone may want to enjoy extra benefit that is undesirable.

Thirdly, for any Future and Forward Market we want large numbers of investors which we’re presently missing off. Like a developing nation we don’t have sufficient investors who’re getting bulk quantity of financial reserve. Whereas the next and Forward Market requires a strong quantity of investors whose investment will run as bloodstream from the market and it alive.

Another factor is the fact that once the investors do their business later on and Forward Market they’re ensure through the market about the caliber of their underlining product. Whereby Bangladesh there’s a hazard in this sort of matter or activities. Last although not minimal, the political instability is yet another major problem with this kind business. Problems arise because of Political instability could be a drawback for Future and Forward Market. There are lots of farming assets that might get unusable whether it stored for extended time or might the price increases because of lengthy time upkeep or stock.

4. Conclusion:

We’re developing nation and our economy keeps growing daily to be able to contend with the planet emerging economy. As part of development we’re expecting Future and Forward Sell to type in our economy in addition to country. We surely benefited form it, when we can correctly keep it in check. We are able to have our minerals like Gas is definitely an underlining asset. You can lessen the cost fluctuation mainly cost rise in the daily goods like grain along with other farming goods. For that wellbeing from the economy we have to establish our Future and Forward Market in the united states.

How to apply Marketing items to market

The survival of the sector within this tough economy depends upon a number of factors. One factor that may have a major effect on an organization is using marketing merchandise to promote their goods. We’ll cover some important causes of utilizing promo tools to promote.

Advantages of Marketing

Products Using marketing devices to advertise a person’s venture has numerous advantages. A enterprise will achieve a significantly bigger audience when they make use of advertising objects. Each and every person in this audience is really a possible client. Marketing objects could be provided at small company functions, to existing customers, at industry events, plus much more. This will get the term concerning the business to a number of individuals different areas, producing a growing subscriber base for that firm.

Brand Exposure

Competing for any customer’s small company inside a suffering economy isn’t any easy task. A enterprise must utilize every means open to make its name stick out above individuals of competing companies. Marketing tools are a very good way to achieve this goal.

Unlike costly types of advertising, for example television commercials, marketing tools for example pens, key rings, and mugs hold off longer and achieve more and more people. While television ads last only as lengthy as companies and organizations are able to afford pricey campaigns, key rings and mugs last a long time and therefore are seen by countless people frequently, which makes them a really economical advertising choice. Every time the a enterprise is viewed on advertising products, it will help etch it within the minds of potential clients. This will cause these to be more prone to consider that corporate next time they experience an excuse for a specific kind of service.

Functional & Free

Another additional advantage to advertising gadgets is the functionality. Generally applied promo tools include pens, pencils, mugs, calendars, and key rings. All of these are devices that individuals utilize every single day. Potential potential customers appreciate receiving advertising solutions they have an authentic requirement for.

The term “free” is most likely probably the most awe-inspiring words that the organization can use to draw in customers. People of every age group love receiving free products and therefore are pleased to accept such gifts. Giving free products to both existing and potential prospective customers continues to be proven to inspire brand loyalty, keeping customers returning every year.

Utilizing marketing gadgets is a crucial a part of sector marketing plans. If agencies choose objects which are functional, fun, and engaging, they are certain to gain the loyalty of existing customers, boost their subscriber base, and achieve this tough economy.

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Rural India to Drive Baby Care Market

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from Rural market is an integral part from the Indian baby care market for the companies across the nation, based on our latest research report “Indian Baby Care Market Analysis”. Greater than 70% of shoppers live in rural areas and almost 50% from the national earnings is generated here. Our study signifies the consumer base for baby maintenance systems in rural areas in India is anticipated to achieve around 109 Million by 2015.

The report identifies that the vast prospect population will give you enough growth possibilities to new and existing players and can position India among the worlds greatest and fast growing baby care markets. Additionally, the federal government support to agriculture and rural economy can create a lucrative downstream chance for that baby care industry. Because the government props up rural employment schemes like NAREGA, it offers rural consumers an chance to earn many empower these to spend more money. On the rear of these developments, we predict the rural market will trigger development in this industry during in the future.

Besides, we’ve done a comprehensive research and prudent research into the Indian Baby Care sell to comprehend the factors that continuously function as growth motorists for that industry during in the future. We’ve identified that various factors for example, growing earnings level, growing general awareness, and transfer of consumer preference will propel the development of Indian baby care industry.

Our comprehensive report “Indian Baby Care Market Analysis” supplies a deep understanding of the Indian Baby Care market and evaluates different areas for example, Baby Food, Massage oil, Skin, Diapers, and Proper hair care. It discusses info on market performance, recent market developments, and trends for those these areas. Most significantly, the report presents business profile and proper moves from the leading players from the Indian baby care industry. Additionally, the report provides future outlook for the main reasons of the profession thinking about the results of worldwide financial crisis on base motorists, possibilities, and challenges faced through the Indian baby care industry.

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About RNCOS:

RNCOS focuses on Industry intelligence and inventive solutions for contemporary business segments. Our professionals study and evaluate the and it is various components, with comprehensive study from the altering market behavior. Our precision and knowledge precision proves advantageous when it comes to prices and personal time management that really help the consultants in meeting their objectives inside a cost-effective and timely manner.

Vietnam Municipal Waste Management Market Expecting a Boom Time Ahead

Based on our recent research offering Vietnam Solid Waste Market Analysis, rapid economic growth along with fast urbanization over the past decade in Vietnam has pressed municipal solid waste management the main thing on ecological challenges. The nation must develop its solid waste management infrastructure within an efficient method to continue its industrial growth to stay intact in future years. The federal government has acknowledged the significance from the issue and it is striving difficult to make municipal solid waste management a lot more efficient. Highlighting the marketplace attractiveness, the report further says, the marketplace will grow in a CAGR of 11.2% throughout the next three years, that will behave as a catalyst for huge private sector participation in the united states.

The research identified that, throughout the forecast period (2011-2014), the nation is predicted to publish among the fastest growths rates in solid waste generation within the East Asian region. Rising affluence in cities together with growing population, that is likely to achieve 100 Million throughout the next twenty five years, will prove decisive for dynamic market expansion and demand additional market players to handle the overflowing market demand.

Besides, the waste collection and treatment pricing is likely to continuously grow because the share of non-degradable solid wastes, like plastic, glass etc. increases later on, that will further demand growing investments for treatment. The federal government has approved the waste management strategy outlining specific intends to 2025, that will further relax an investment climate within the sector and encourage public-private co-operation in the united states.

Our report Vietnam Solid Waste Market Analysis continues to be authored to judge the present and future market potentials of Vietnams solid waste management market. It offers historic, current, and future trends of solid waste generation together with potential market for the three prominent sectors – Municipal, Industrial, and Rural sectors. Furthermore, thorough analysis of emerging industry trends and motorists continues to be covered to supply a balanced research outlook from the concerned market.

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About RNCOS:

RNCOS focuses on Industry intelligence and inventive solutions for contemporary business segments. Our professionals study and evaluate the and it is various components, with comprehensive study from the altering market behavior. Our precision and knowledge precision proves advantageous when it comes to prices and personal time management that really help the consultants in meeting their objectives inside a cost-effective and timely manner.